Installation #

Free Shipping Icon is for display purposes only. #

You still need to activate free shipping for your products in your Store's Control Panel.

To do so please refer to the Free Shipping section of the help documentation.

How do I install Free Shipping Icon? #

To install Free Shipping Icon you can Click here to visit the app installation page and follow the on screen instructions.

Install page

Once installed a Free Shipping Icon tab will be added to your Store's Control Panel Settings area:

Install page

Settings #

Icon URL #

The Icon URL is a URL to an image that will be shown to customers when they qualify for Free Shipping.

By replacing the default URL with your own, you can customize the the look of the image to suit your Store's exact needs.

The default image is the following:

Default Free Shipping Icon

Which uses this link:

Icon Alt Text #

The Icon Alt Text is the text that customers will see when they hover over the Free Shipping Icon or are some how unable to view the image. Possible reasons for not being able to view the image could be a slow internet connection, an error loading the image, of if they use a screen reader.

Enable for all products #

This setting is pretty straight forward. By selecting "Yes" the Free Shipping Icon will be shown on every product in your store as long as the customer qualifies.

Enabling this setting disables the "Enable products" setting.

Enable products #

Here you can select which products the Free Shipping Icon will be shown on.

Remember to click the Save button when you are done!

Optional Settings #

Cart Price Total Threshold #

This setting has a confusing name but what it does is only show the icon if the customers cart total is equal or greater than this setting. This isn't the total number of products in the cart but the total cost of the order.

An example for using this setting would be if you only provide free shipping if the order total is $50 or more. In this example, if you didn't use this setting the customer would see the Free Shipping Icon even when their order total was less than $50. You wouldn't want a customer expecting free shipping on a $10 order if you only provide it on orders $50 or more. So by setting this to 50, customers would only see the Icon once their order total reached $50 or more.

Country Eligibility #

This setting gives you the ability to restrict who sees the Free Shipping Icon.

An example for this setting would be if you only offer free shipping in the United States. By selecting United States in this setting, only customers from the US would see the Icon if they qualify.

Note that adblock extensions can block the geo IP service used to determine the visitor's country since it might be considered "tracking". As a result, their country won't be identified and the icon will not show up.

Examples #

Free Shipping when a certain amount in the cart #

An example would be that you give free shipping when an order is $99 or more.

Settings to change:

  • Set "Cart Price Total Threshold" to the desired amount. In our example above it would be 99

Now the icon will only show when the customer has $99 or more in their cart.

This is best used in combination with a message in your store. As the icon won't be shown UNTIL they add $X amount to their cart.

Show the icon before certain amount is in cart #

Settings to change:

  • Enable products: Select all products $X or more.
  • Set "Cart Price Total Threshold" to 0

An example: Our stores free shipping kicks in at $45 or more. All products $45 or more have been selected under the "Enable products".

The downside here is that products under $45 will never have the icon show.

Another solution would be to change the Icon itself using the "Icon URL" setting. You could create your own image, have it say "Free Shipping on all orders $X or more" and then use "Enable for all products" or select only the ones that qualify.

Contact #

How do I contact Free Shipping Icon? #

If you need help or have a problem please email us at [email protected]